Data Analytic Projects Senior Center Cognitive Training Pilot Study

Measure the improvement in the Game of the improvement in the word memory before and after tests and all other relevant questions. Anti-aging games improve the performance of words and digits memory scores by around 1.38 and 0.23, and both positively correlated with the number of logins. Proposed a new game concept to clients utilizing separated visual and auditory effects for improved transparency in memory enhancement analysis.

Psychology Evaluation of Fotonovela, with Aviroop Ghosal

Evaluated the effectiveness of a fotonovela, a type of comic book or graphic novel that originated in Latin America similar to a traditional comic book, but is illustrated with photographs rather than drawings, as an educational tool for teaching information about dementia compared to a standard brochure. Conducted regression analysis and found that the fotonovela had a significant positive impact on post-knowledge and follow-up-knowledge test scores for dementia with an increase of 3.467 and 7.980, respectively.

LGBT Clinic Data Analysis

Analyzed clinic data and determined that Monday was the most popular day for patients of all ages to visit the clinic and Wednesday was the preferred appointment date for Orange County patients. Found that gay and lesbian individuals were more likely to be insured with Cigna, while bi/pan individuals were less likely to be insured with Health-Net or to be uninsured.